Marie’s French Bakery – La Boulangerie


Presenting homemade pastries,

breads, rolls, and sandwiches

(if we get up early enough).

Come practice your French and ask how

we make everything by hand from scratch every morning

(but you have to ask in French, or we won’t parler.)


Monday  11am to 7pm

Tuesday – Thursday  7am to 7pm

Friday & Saturday  7am to 8pm

Sunday Brunch 11am to 2pm

(435) 233-8466

Don’t miss our gourmet three-course Sunday Brunch!

Sunday Brunch

A gourmet three-course meal with beverage and desert included

11am – 2pm

$16.00 per person


Entree (starter)

French tomato soup, soupe du jour or salade du jour

Le Plat (main dish)

Your choice of savoury crepes filled with choice of cheeses (brie camembert, comte, roquefort) with ham or smoked turkey

Ou… (or)

Handmade quiche with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and bacon

Ou… (or)

Pain (pan) Perdu, our luxurious French Bread Pudding

Ou (or)

Gougere au Poulet (chicken in pastry)

this is French, our own creation – Chicken with several cheeses, pineapple and coconut baked in our puff pastry

Ou… (or)

La Speciale du Dimanche (ask your server)

Accompanied by Pomme Duchesne (French style potatoes), fruit and fresh handmade breads

Choice of dessert and beverage

coffee, our sun tea, or fresh squeezed orange juice